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Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) offers a complete catalog of control parts, plus the capabilities to repair in our state of the art, custom built facility. 

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We have an extensive inventory and the ability to remanufacture and repair GE* Speedtronic circuit boards and other components are unparalleled. We utilize Automated Test Equipment (ATE), custom test jigs as well as energized panels, allowing for full functional testing of all circuit boards. 

We offer a variety of circuit boards and component parts options, including:

  • Surplus Parts parts that were never used in service
  • Remanufactured parts that were previously in service
  • Exchange program that provides extra savings for the exchange of your pullout parts
  • Asset Recovery includes buying of surplus panels, core upgrades, unwanted spares and damaged pullouts

From the earliest Mark I through today’s current version, the Mark VIe, GTC provides support for the entire family of GE* Speedtronic turbine control systems. 

Mark I-VIe Spares, Repairs and Service

  • Largest stock of spares in the world
  • 24-month warranty
  • State-of-the-art automated test equipment for fast and complete component level troubleshooting
  • Functional testing carried out in energized panels for added reliability
  • Repairs carried out in-house, in our custom built facility
  • Comprehensive completion report issued with every repair
  • Test and certification on spares
  • Troubleshooting / commissioning / control upgrades
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Mark I

Mark II

Mark III

Mark IV

Mark V

Mark VI

Mark VIe







Years of
Unparalleled Service

Controls Support

EPROM Backup

  • Site visits to back up each EPROM 
  • CD-ROM copy delivered to site 

LCD Upgrade

  • Upgrade for the Mark IV CRT 
  • Easy to fit (plug-and-play)
  • No downtime experienced

<I> DOS and HMI Backup Computer

  • Replace your existing <I> DOS and/or Windows HMI


  • Courses available onsite or at our training facility
  • Predefined or customized training courses
  • Purpose built training facility offering hands-on training using energized panels
  • Extensive manuals supplied with in-depth content and diagrams

Field Service

  • Mark V Health CheckTM
  • Alarm clearing
  • Checking control constants on Mark V (IDOS)
  • DC power supply Health Check
  • File clearing
  • Battery Health Check
  • Cleanliness / cooling
  • Junction box and terminal tightness check
  • Long standing issues resolved
  • Sequencing modifications
  • Full report issued
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We Also Offer Full Support for Your Excitation Systems







All items supplied by GTC are backed by our standard warranty.
Ask about our Warranty XXL which offers 4 years warranty on selected parts.

Expert In-House Test and Repair Facility

With our extensive stock and ever-expanding test and repair facility, our custom-built headquarters provides advanced order processing, warehouse management and technological innovation opportunities to serve our customers efficiently and with a better product.

Our continuous growth to meet the needs of you, our customers, makes GTC an unrivaled secondary OEM parts and service provider.

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Why GTC?

As a GTC client, you’ll benefit by extending the operational life of your controls longer than ever thought possible.
 Plus, you’ll find our stock of all major panel components, including inverters, relays, CRTs, cables and printers, all OEM, fully tested and covered by our Gas Turbine Controls Corporation warranty. 

GTC provides the most comprehensive solutions to reduce the pressures of upgrading out-of-date turbine control systems and excitation, with an extensive inventory of GE Speedtronic  control and excitation spares. In addition to providing control parts, GTC also carries out testing and repairs at their advanced in-house facility and their experienced field service engineers provide service, training, and support to our clients worldwide. 

With our complete array of products and services, GTC provides clients with the solution to extend the service of their current systems for years beyond OEM support.

GTC clients have saved money by extending the lives of their systems, such as:


*Gas Turbine Controls Corporation (“GTC”) is an independent supplier and service company.  It is not affiliated with GE and is not an authorized distributor for GE.  GE products sold by GTC may be obtained from third parties, may be used, remanufactured, unused or factory new and are not covered by a GE warranty unless otherwise stated.